Fall Breakfast Recipes

A whole post dedicated to the two best things… breakfast & fall!! I tried 3 delicious recipes created by 3 brilliant recipe creators that I am so excited to share with y’all! This includes pumpkin pancakes, apple spice muffins, and pumpkin oatmeal… Yum! 

Pumpkin pecan pancakes have ALWAYS been my favorite Sunday brunch meal. I used this recipe by Cookie + Kate, but I added chopped pecans to mine! I topped them with maple syrup and an almond butter mixture (a must try). For the almond butter topping, mix warmed almond butter (¼ cup) with coconut oil (2 ¼ tsp) and maple syrup (2 tsp). 

I turned Chloe Food’s healthy spiced apple bread into muffins, and they were SO good. Apple spice is a mixture that will always have a special place in my heart 🙂 The recipe can be found here. Another great recipe for morning muffins is my Pumpkin Apple Spice Bread, which you can turn into muffins as well. Just shorten the bake time for both recipes! I usually start with 15 minutes and cook until a toothpick comes out clean. 

The final recipe is pumpkin oatmeal… If you read my first oatmeal post, you know I LOVE oatmeal. I eat that oatmeal every morning, so making this fun fall version was incredible!! I used this recipe by Well Plated by Erin, and I topped it with chopped pecans and a drizzle of maple syrup. Easy, quick, and tasty!!

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

John 3:30

A short yet beautiful verse. John 3:30 reminds us that all that we do is for God’s glory, not our own. This verse is a simple reminder of so many important things… Everything else should come second to Christ. He is above all. He is greater than me. I am nothing without Him.

This verse reminds me to not give myself “props” for anything good that happens to me or through me because everything good that I do and say is all thanks to Him. He should be glorified, praised, and worshipped for all that He has done and will continue to do. He deserves so much more praise than we could ever give Him because of His sacrifice for us.

Overall, John 3:30 reminds me that God must be greater than I. His plan must become greater than mine. Bringing glory to His name must be prioritized over ALL.

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