Joy to the World!!

Merry Christmas!!<3

“When they saw the star, they were filled with JOY!”

Matthew 2:10

In Matthew 2, the wise men were FILLED with joy when they saw the star that was announcing the coming of the Messiah… They waited years for the coming of Christ, so they didn’t just feel joyful — they were completely FILLED with joy!!

I am filled with joy each and every day knowing that I have a savior that protects, guides, and loves me always. We have the PLEASURE of living with Him FOREVER (Psalm 16:11), which is the biggest blessing of all🤍 There is so much to be joyful about, and thanks be to God for all of it!!

I hope & pray that you are filled with joy today because of how God has blessed you. This is such a beautiful day to celebrate are Savior being born. I know the holidays can be difficult, but I pray that you focus on how this day, many years ago, changed your life forever… Don’t lose sight, and remember that HE is the reason we celebrate today🌟

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