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Priorities… This season of my life has taught me a lot about the importance of priorities.  First, HI! I’m so happy to be posting this!! I recently took my first CPA exam, and WOW the process of studying for and taking these exams is no joke. I have found myself struggling to keep up overContinue reading “Priorities”

Overnight Oats

My go-to breakfast on a busy morning!! Overnight oats are the perfect quick breakfast.. You simply mix the ingredients together in a bowl the night before, and it is ready to be devoured in the morning! Don’t get me wrong… I will always LOVE my everyday warm oatmeal recipe, but I also love this recipe,Continue reading “Overnight Oats”


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Hi, I’m Paige, a lover of food and Jesus! Join me in making delicious allergy friendly food and reading the Word of God. Follow me on Instagram (@gracegivenfood) for more recipes and scripture!

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